Thursday, September 07, 2006

Riviera's got a new one coming out...

...Which I haven't listened to yet. It's gonna be called Capital, and it comes out on November 1st. But don't worry; if it's anything up to par as their two previous releases, you'll be able to buy it sight unseen and know you're getting a great CD. Their website can be found here... and personally, I think they ought to make the CD label look like this:

On October 21st, they're having a CD release party at Martyr's in Chicago, co-starring the excellent Quasar Wut Wut. I'm gonna be there, my honey wil also be there, and I hope I'm gonna see you there too.

UPDATE: I'm still at work, trying to uninstall (and cleanly reinstall) Adobe Creative Suite 2 Premium on a recalcitrant PC; the process takes more time than it should. I took the time to listen to the preview tracks Riviera has up on their site. Sure enough; it's gonna be a cool one. Get it or get left behind, my friends...


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