Thursday, July 12, 2007

28 Years Ago Today...

...Steve Dahl let us know that disco sucked. And I'm damn glad he did; otherwise, we'd still have KC and the Sunshine Band on top of the charts, Donna Summer would never have found Jesus and fizzled out her career, and the Stones would have followed up "Miss You" and "Emotional Rescue" with more disco, except crappy. It was definitely worth the forfeit of the second White Sox/Detroit Tigers game when Disco Demolition came to town.

Thanks, Steve!

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Anonymous barabajagal said...

I can picture myself reading Marvel/DC comics "teamups" from the 7-11 with my slurpee, hoping the radio would play "Surrender" again, and diving to switch the radio station when a disco song came on. Actually, those songs you mentioned caused me to hate the Stones for much longer than they deserved. And it was longer than that before I discovered Rod Stewart actually rocked. And the poor BeeGees...ok, they kinda brought it on themselves.

Of course, a little bit of racist homophobia had a lot to do with disco hatred (though I was too young to be either). There's a lot of stuff I like now that the codes of the day would not permit.

July 16, 2007 9:52 AM  

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