Thursday, November 09, 2006

A weird sort of milestone...

I'm sorry I haven't had more of a chance to blog; no real excuses except a) nothing to blog about, and b) life has a funny way of creeping up. My personal life has been mind-blowingly tumultuous, but not at all in a bad way, if you can wrap your brain around that one. I'll share more when the time and circumstances dictate that I can, but it's all good news, trust me.

So my wife also has a blog; she installed a counter on hers, which measures the number of hits that her page gets. I figured, what the hey, it's free, I'll install one on my page. The milestone that I just reached is my 100th unique page view. Now, I'm not naive enough to think that means 100 separate people have viewed my assorted ramblings; that number takes into account each time I went to see if anyone left me a comment, or even to see how many folks decided to cruise in this direction for that oh-so-fresh content. However, my wife's blog's numbers put me to shame. She's been measuring for longer than I have, and her subject matter is a bit more specific than mine. Which is all fine and good, but what that translates to is that she's gotten something like 9000 different page views. Sigh... I wonder if I gave up talking about music / movies / pop culture and decided to specialize in the many intricacies inherent in a finely-crafted chocolate-covered cherry that I'd get a larger awareness? Or if I find some way to put meta tags like POLITICS or PORN that I'd get curious thrill seekers surf in from Google, discover that they like to hear ramblings from a music snob from Chicago. How about BOOBS, think that'll draw them in?? ;-)

At work, my buddy and I often talk music when we've got some down time. A third co-worker whose tastes run a bit more, ah, popular and less esoteric heard us criticizing a lot of garbage bands who just happen to be popular. He accused us of being music snobs. My buddy tried to hem and haw that he wasn't a music snob per se. I made no bones about it; "Yeah, I'm a music snob." For better or worse, I do have opinions about music, and I'm pretty secure in them. I know what works for me, and what doesn't. And yes, I'm not above cackling with glee that K-Fed is tanking hard, begging people to come see his concerts.

Right now, the Loud Family's classic Plants and Birds and Rocks and Things is spinning on my computer. If anyone out there is looking for truly phenomenal, cerebral power pop with a bend towards sonic psychedelia, you need to pick up this classic from Scott Miller and company. Yeah, he's the same guy from Game Theory, and this 1992 album is still one of my two favorite CDs of all time (the other one being Big Star's #1 Record/Radio City twofer).

Anyway, more fresh content coming soon. Thanks for helping me cross that oh-so-magic hundredth page hit!!


Blogger Nina said...

Honey - Just wanted to say I love you!!!

November 10, 2006 6:32 AM  
Anonymous OzMum said...

I wanted to link to Mrs Murphy's blog, but I found it. So no prob.
Love ya too!

November 14, 2006 3:11 PM  

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