Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Wife Is Cooler Than Yours (aka MBV part 2)

I know I risk a black eye for saying that, but the truth is, I have married the best woman in the world. Not only does she put up with all the bullshit attached to me (forgetfulness, lackadaisical attitudes, etc.), not only has she blessed our life with two beautiful little rockers-in-training, she somehow against all odds knows what makes me tick. She bought me two tickets to see My Bloody Valentine at Chicago's very own Aragon Brawlroom!!! I am excited beyond words, and thrilled that she would grace me with such a generous gift. Because suffice to say, she wasn't able to pay face value on these tickets, letmetellyou. WOW...

I almost wonder if she knows what she's in for. I've tried to play her "Only Shallow" and "You Made Me Realise", just so she has a hint at the potential sonic brutality which could result. But the two rockers-in-training are at ages that make even listening to two songs in one sitting a difficult accomplishment. We are definitely going to wear earplugs; forewarned = fore-armed (and not in the bodily appendage sense, even though we both have all of our limbs). I know that a MBV concert is potentially a once-in-a-lifetime event, and even though based on what she listens to (classic rock, Bon Jovi, Clapton, etc.) it's probably a sure bet she won't be able to appreciate their music as much as I do, I'm glad she's coming. Maybe just so she can see what all my fuss is about. And what the hell, she might end up a fan; stranger things have happened.

Coming soon: a bit about the Small Faces, the classic '60s Mod group that I've known about but just recently rediscovered. Here's a small taste of their greatness; you need to do yourself a favor and listen to this song!!! Also, my cat Tuffy might open up another museum soon; stay tuned...


Blogger Nina-SOS said...

*sigh* Really....you can take ANYONE you want. I am afraid....very afraid..... :)
And...your welcome. I am glad it makes you happy to see MBV!

I promise to listen....put the CD's in my car....k?

July 21, 2008 9:47 AM  

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