Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Name WAS Earl; another one bites the dust

Why is it that ALL of my favorites go away? Prematurely ended in their prime before they get the chance to continue all that they have to say (except the Who; they don't know when to say when, frankly). It has just been announced that the recently-cancelled-by-NBC My Name Is Earl has just run out of its last "second chance". TBS was apparently very interested in picking up the show after ABC and Fox passed on renewal of the series. However, TBS could only accept the show if the show's producer, 20th Century Fox, could "cheap down" the show's production costs. The studio (sadly, to their credit), felt that this move would compromise the show's quality. And so ends another one of my favorite shows. And what a drag; it was technically on a cliffhanger episode; the identity of Joy's second child's father, always assumed to be Darnell "Crabman" Turner, has now been cast in doubt. Earl discovers that he is most likely the father to Joy's first child, even though she thought all this time that Dodge's father was Little Chubby.

Thanks to all of the cast and crew of that show; you really were my favorite on TV. This cancellation news really hurts.

This is starting to get me really nervous; I almost don't want to choose another "favorite show" in fears of watching it die a slow, inevitable death.

In the meantime, here is a clutch of Earl-related links. Go to the NBC website while you can, and watch as many of these episodes while you still have the chance.
The show's official NBC website
Examiner article on the show's ultimate demise
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Another article with a few more details and quotes on the show's fate


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