Monday, November 01, 2010

Welcome to Blogvember!

OK, so I've been a bit of a Chinese Democratic blogger recently; this space has gone fallow for way too long. So just to prove to myself that I can do it, I am going to attempt to post at least once per day during this month of November. Now I will beg your pardon in advance during Thanksgiving week; I know I'm gonna be visiting family and friends in the fine states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey during that week. Needless to say, my access to the 'Web during those weeks may be spotty. Therefore, let me clarify: since there are 30 days in this month, I will attempt to have at least 30 posts before December rolls around. Fair enough?

Here's some of the stuff you can expect to see:
  • More Blues Brothers novelization pages
  • More explanations of cool stuff in my collection
  • Another visit to Tuffy The Cat's Museum Of Obsolete Entertainment Mediums
  • Reviews of classic albums you either know or don't know, and why I think their indispensible
  • And much, much more!!
So check in every once in a while; you might like what you see. And yes, I do take requests... so comment / flame / suggest all you want.


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