Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Things I Miss The Most...

Well, the impending closure of Tower Records has gotten me all nostalgic, for all the great reasons of the past that it's been great to be a music lover, especially here in Chicago. In no particular order, here's my list of gone-but-not-forgotten musical entities that have forever tattooed themselves to my ever-lovin' rocknroll heart...
  • Lounge Ax
  • Thurstons
  • Morseland mk 1 and 2
  • Material Issue
  • Verbow
  • Limited Potential (the label)
  • Happy Tails (the label)
  • Tail Spins (the 'zine)
  • The Great Brain
  • Wesley Willis (with and without the Fiasco)
  • The Differents
  • WMWA
  • the original Water Tower campus studios of WLUW
  • Showcase Chicago (the 'zine, for publishing some of my stuff)
  • The Good
  • The Webstirs
  • Harp & Shamrock (they had a cool jukebox)
  • Triple Fast Action
  • The Midnight Zone (I know that it was my radio show and all, but I think I did a damn good job of it)
  • The Dollrods
  • Monster (the band)
  • The Smoothies
  • Apocalypse Hoboken
  • Liz Phair (need I really qualify that?)
  • Avalon Nite Club
  • Thirsty Whale
  • seeing my friend Meg develop a serious crush on Patrick of the Shakes (now the Safes, and still going strong)
  • Rainbow Records in Park Ridge
  • The Lyons Den
  • Medusa's
  • Smashing Pumpkins
  • WaxTrax! (both the label and the store)
And now with CBGB's closing, it really casts a pall on the music lovers of today. Maybe it's me being a fogeyist, but with the above list of defunct entities, I can only pray that my son will be able to look back longingly at his still-to-be-determined musical journey, and be able to look back with as much fondness to a similar list of gone-but-not-forgottens. To all the folks who made the above happen, thanks forever. Your labors will never be forgotten for as long as I can recount the tales I've had there.


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