Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Thanks, Freddie!!

Certain moments remind me just how great music really is, and how cool it is to be a music geek sometimes. Case in point: last night, my 11-month old daughter woke up whimpering. You could tell she wanted to sleep, but because she's teething, she couldn't stay asleep. My wife and I gave her baby Tylenol drops, a warm bottle of formula, and I rocked her to sleep. And had I not used every ounce of self-control I had, it would have indeed been ROCKED to sleep. Let me explain...

My wife decided to drop off before me, so I put on VH1 Classic to watch Queen Live At Wembley, a 1986 show they did before Freddie Mercury got sick. He was in top form, the band was tight as a drum, and the first three songs were great. The one that really roused me was when they kicked into a killer version of "Tie Your Mother Down" that got me wanting to rock. But alas, my beautiful daughter is in my arms, and probably wouldn't appreciate me banging my head to this classic. I had to limit myself to raising my fist at the end of the song, going "Knock 'em dead, Fred!!" Wow, that looks like I gotta catch the rest of this show at some point. Great stuff!!


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