Sunday, February 07, 2010

Who's Left Meet the Superbowl Part 1: Some Thoughts Before the Match

Longtime readers of mine know how big of a Who fan I remain even to this day. However, I have to tell you that knowing that they are going to be playing tonight in Miami as the featured entertainment at the NFL's yearly orgy of football and commercials fills me with truly mixed emotions. The good news is that they are being recognized as the great rock band they are*. The bad news is that by being selected, they are being recognized as... RESPECTABLE!! I know the Who have been angling for this for a while; it's part and parcel of their latest Big Money Grab (tm). I just don't have to like the process. I mean, this is the MotherTruckin' WHO, for God's sakes.

And the particulars of how they're going to show their stuff to middle America, Joe-Football Lover (and his just as football-lovin' wife, Jane) are really sort of stomach-churning: yes, the Who are proposing a Vegas-style medley of their best-known hits. Vegas?? C'mon, Pete, wasn't the Who Revue of '89 (complete with full horn section and THREE background singers) enough damage to try to come back from?

I hope they don't take another hit to their already-bruised credibility. To be continued...


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