Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year... wish I was there

Bogus... I just missed the ball dropping in NYC because I was auditioning the video I've attached to the bottom of this post (something tells me the attached video will rock harder than the glass ball dropping). Ah well; happy new year all you Eastern-Standard-Timezone blogfans!! I'm praying that the next decade is better to all of us than this last decade. Don't get me wrong; in my life, a whole lot of good stuff happened on the personal front. I got married; I became a father to two great kids. I finally figured out a somewhat respectable rhythm to life. My thirties are definitely better than my twenties. On the other side, we had 9/11, eight years of retrogressive politics, a minority political party that has no interest in playing fair or even engaging in a worthwhile dialogue or meeting of the minds, and continued malaise and increased interest in all forms of religious extremism, whether it be Muslim, Christian, or otherwise. I hope that we can get it right in this next decade; I plan on doing my part, I promise you.

Here in Chicago, the Jesus Lizard are playing their last ever show tonight at the Metro (thus, the "wish I was there" part of the title)... and I'm not going to it. Not that I wouldn't want to; it's just that I'm not a huge enough JL fan to have gone to the expense of snaring a ticket, child care on NYEve, etc. But as this video of the 2009 tour shows, tonight's show is bound to be amazing...

Happy New Year, everyone!! See you in Twenty-Ten!!


Blogger Todd Totale said...

That's the show I wished I saw! :(

January 22, 2010 9:12 PM  

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