Monday, December 14, 2009

Quick Update on My Son

A lot of people (well, a few) have asked how my son is doing with his Perthes / hip brace / wheelchair, etc. these days. Here's the quick and lowdown: he's doing really fine. It's obvious he can't wait to get out of the hip brace, but he isn't being stinky about it, thank God. He is still VERY patient with dealing with it. If anything, he's at that stage where he's ready to start walking again and doing things with his hip that the doctors probably say he shouldn't (meaning usually things that involve bearing weight on it). He is proficient in going from his wheelchair to the floor, and then when he asks for us to pick him up and we aren't quick enough for him, he's learned how to scoot himself from point A to B on his butt.

We also are able to take it off at night to give him a bath / change his overnight "leak protection". Miraculously, even though he's seen that it does come off, he doesn't try to take it off himself. Don't think I'm anything less than supremely grateful about that one. He did ask about his walker yesterday, oddly enough. It's currently in our basement, in need of a nut and bolt. I wonder if he thinks (probably rightly so) that he'll need it when this hip brace comes off... ON DECEMBER 22ND!!! All of us can't wait. My son has no concept of time if it isn't the here and now, but we tell him it will be coming off soon. After that point, it will only be needed for overnights until the ortho tells us we don't need it. I will be looking forward to not having to schlep the wheelchair in my trunk, letting him walk (in whatever time frame he needs), letting him get back to normal walking. He's in for a big shock when he realizes that Daddy isn't gonna carry him around like I've been doing. Not carrying him will give my left tricep a chance to heal too, LOL.

All of this coming off on Dec. 22 will be like an early Christmas gift to all of us. Speaking of which, I just have to buy one more thing. Shockingly, I'm mostly done with my shopping!!

(Image is borrowed from the CD Guitarded by Limp, a cool pop punk group from So Cal who recorded for Fat Wreck Chords.)


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