Friday, November 20, 2009

Post-op Update: The First Week Home

My son never ceases to amaze me. He has every reason in the world to NOT be taking things cool. He has to wear a hip brace, can't bear weight on his right leg, can't jump around like a typical 5-year old would. And yet, he seems to be taking all of that in stride. He's just doing his level best to live his life the way he normally would. He loves watching DVDs (we just got him Shrek, and he LOVES it) and playing on the new laptop we got him (it's a lower-end Toshiba, but still faster than our primary computer). This laptop is worth every penny we spent on it, in terms of keeping him entertained.

Today, my wife brought my son to his daycare, and the rapturous reception he got from all of his friends who missed him caught him by surprise, I think. I am thrilled to death that my son seems to be able to make friends and charm people so easily; I always fear the other extreme, tha he'll be ostracized for being different. But today's visit seems to clearly suggest otherwise, and my wife's reports of the genuine outpouring of true caring for my son really warmed my heart.

My wife stayed at home with him this week. Her back is now killing her. My son is 52 pounds under typical circumstances. With this hip brace and the plaster-casting which keeps it "locked", my son is now easily 65-70 pounds. This is not a weight she's used to carrying, and is now paying for it. I suggested some of the painkillers I'd been prescribed when I had a strained back, but she politely deferred. I also think she's going to be happy to get back to work. Next Monday and Tuesday, I get to be the one who brings him to daycare (and pick him up if it ends up being too much too soon). I then work Wednesday at one of my favorite clients, and get the rest of the week off. Boo hoo me, I guess. ;) I hope I get to string up the Christmas lights this week; I'll take a picture and share it with you all once I get them up.


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