Friday, November 13, 2009

Post-op Day 2: Overnight and Home Again

I'll start with the good news: cautiously, I'm gonna say that my son is okay with the hip brace. This boy never ceases to shock me. A band-aid will send him into fits of anxiety, but a rather large, bulky, and constrictive hip brace, he seems to be taking in stride. He more strenuously objected to the I.V. in his arm more than he seems to be with the hip brace. The I.V. came off of him this morning, after he'd kept fluids down successfully. Last night at dinnertime, he did try apple juice, chocolate pudding, and a squeezable yogurt. These came up later that evening, sadly. I wasn't there for the blessed event, but I'm being told it didn't smell so bad, thankfully. This morning's food and drink stayed down.

I managed to get a good enough night of sleep last night at the hospital; my wife got horrible, lousy sleep. Sadly, same old story.

Not long after breakfast, the surgeon came in to see how he was doing, and was thrilled my son was doing as well as he seems to be doing. Fortunately (I think?) for my son, he's figured out how to sleep on his side and belly with this contraption on his hips. He also knows now how to get up on all fours, which is technically weight-bearing. When we showed this to the surgeon, she paused before answering, "Well, we can't stop him from doing everything." Great, here's to hoping he doesn't mess things up in this six-week recovery period.

Overnight, there was a beautiful little 8-month girl who was across the hall from us. She unfortunately cried a few times during the night. Her cries reminded me of (and made me miss) my own two-year old daughter, who was with my folks while we were at the hospital with my son.

My wife and I ordered delivery Italian from a Chicago-based mini-chain we'd eaten at before and liked, but were heart-broken by the food we ate last night. When you splurge for food from a restaurant like that, you're supposed to get somewhat of a special experience. We could've made better at home; it was that anonymous, if not at times bad. So it goes...

We finally made it home, and had a somewhat relaxing afternoon, just my wife, son, and I. We'd bought him his own laptop and a wireless router, to avoid him needing to go upstairs (or more accurately, to be carried upstairs) to browse his Playhouse Disney and Nick Jr. websites. This has so far turned out to be a wonderful move on our part; it keeps him satisfied, allowed us to blog from the hospital, and helps keep him put. And trust me, I think that's going to be the hardest part. He's five; he will get stir crazy, and will want to jump around and be five.

I picked up my daughter from daycare. She had a great day, seemed happy to see her Daddy, and picked up pizzas for us for dinner. Then during dinner, my daughter (who hadn't had a nap today) decided to pull her drama queen routine because she was so tired. She and I had a little decent daddy-daughter time during her bath. I put her to sleep, then went and cuddled with my son, who was waiting for me. After he drifted off to sleep (my wife had long since toddled off to dreamland), I came downstairs to write this blog entry and listen to Toto's first album in simulated surround (it's actually a great album for that!!). Signs look good that things will be back to "normal" in our house, as soon as we all figure out the best rhythms for a five-year-old who is SUPPOSED to have limited mobility (yeah right).

Tomorrow, I get to watch the DVD of Up which came in the mail today; YAY!!


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