Sunday, November 15, 2009

More Post-op fun...

We've made it through the first weekend. At the beginning of the day, my son was really being difficult to manage, inasmuch as he wanted to keep trying to do things he shouldn't with his right leg, most of them dealing with bearing weight on that hip. But by the end of the day, I think even he finally got it that he shouldn't be doing those things, and he was a bit more conducive to listening to us when we told him not to kneel, not to stand on the right leg when we're trying to assist him with potty, etc.

My daughter has seemingly been amping up the drama and attitude. My theory (and my wife's) is that she is either a) always been this high-maintenance, and we just don't always realize it with JT usually a bit more self-sufficient, or b) she realizes that the dynamic of attention being paid to her has changed for reasons she probably doesn't understand, so therefore she acts out a bit more than normal. Or it's just the terrible twos hitting right on schedule; we didn't get this with my son. Is that because of his spectrum disorder? Who's to know? It just might be the difference between my son and my daughter. Either way, I still love her to pieces, even though she drives me nutso sometimes.

Special thanks to my close friends since high school, for watching my daughter yesterday. And also special thanks to my sister for coming over to help out. Both were really appreciated.

And yes, I'm slightly beating myself up over missing yesterday's post. It's National Blog Post Month, for which the point is to post at least one post per day, and I goofed. So do two posts in one day count? ;)


Blogger RollerCoaster said...

Yes, two in one day count or backdate the post. ;) It's not like you didn't have a ton of stuff going on yesterday....

November 16, 2009 8:40 AM  

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