Sunday, November 08, 2009

This weekend was great

This weekend was really a great weekend. I know that sounds trite and boring, but here's why to me it was great that this weekend itself was wonderful. My son is going in for hip tendon surgery this Thursday, which will lay him up in bed for2 weeks, and a total recovery period of 6-8 weeks with a hip brace which he has to wear at ALL times during that period (and during which no weight can be borne on his hips at all), then wear the brace for an indefinite period overnights after that. A little background: my son is on the autism spectrum, with a high-functioning flavor of it, thank goodness. Sensory issues are frequently hallmarks of autism spectrum disorders; one of the ways it manifests itself in my son's personality is that he doesn't like having to wear even a Band-aid at all. However, he developed a hip disease/condition called Legg-Calve Perthes. The particulars of this condition is that due to lack of blood flow to the top of the ball of where the femur bone fits into your socket, the bone mass of his ball joint has deteriorated. It will naturally grow back, but since his femur has slipped out of the socket, it could grow back less-than-spherically (which would be really bad). The surgery he will have will make sure that his bone goes (and stays) back in the socket, and a tendon will be cut which will restore full range of motion to that hip which has been lost due to this condition. I have faith that the surgery will be without issue, and that it won't be a problem (we're going to Children's Memorial). I am simply scared shitless that the recovery and brace-wearing will be incredibly hard on my son, both physically and psychologically. I am hoping and praying that my mind is overstating things, but this time I'd rather fear the worst and be surprised by the best.

With all that looming ahead, it's great that all of us had such a wonderful weekend before this surgery and recovery period. I'm hoping it won't be forever until we have another great weekend. And I didn't write this post to crassly drum up sympathy for what we're going through; I just wanted to share how and where my mind is / has been / probably will be for a while.


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