Friday, November 27, 2009


Well, that didn't take long at all now, did it? My wife finally decided to sign up for Facebook today. Immediately, a bunch of people from her past want to be her friend, she gets the hang of it, she complains about the crapload of emails Facebook gives her, and then falls head over heels into an addiction to...

...Wait for it...

Bejeweled Blitz. That's right. Facebook itself has become merely a conduit for her to feed her brand-new Bejeweled addiction.

Leave it to my wife to not do things by halves, LOL.

Coming soon: more about the amazing Differents / Safes show I attended Wednesday night, plus oh yeah, I just finally ordered the final Triple Fast Action CD and Hum's You'd Prefer An Astronaut; my reviews and impressions coming up. And oh yeah, a most excellent Wesley Willis product will be coming out soon, and with luck, I will most definitely be reviewing it for a certain famous online 'zine!!!! Stay tuned, more always to come.


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