Sunday, November 29, 2009

Quick Update...

I'm still waiting for the interview with Lou to happen; it's always this weird build-myself-up then be-slightly-bummed-it-didn't-happen cycle before each call. I know it's going to happen; it's just a matter of when. (Update: dude gets a bye; he's got a cold. That's as good an excuse as any, I guess.)

My son is such a trooper. He is really doing light years better than we expected. I mean, he still gets into trouble, still gives us a hard time, but like I said, he'd do that even if he didn't have the hip brace on. These days, it's telling him that he can't (intentionally) crash his wheelchair into the kitchen table, because we're gonna be really angry if he leaves marks. For me, all of this just means being that much more vigilant to listen for him when he needs to be carried somewhere, put from his wheelchair to the couch then back again, etc. I don't begrudge him that one bit, and it's doing wonders for my biceps. Thank God it hasn't dinged out my back.

This has been one really long weekend, if I do say so. Tomorrow is my first day back after having only a one-day workweek. I hope it isn't going to be a killer of a day, but time will tell.

I haven't exactly been the world's most faithful blogger this month, especially since I had all of these grand plans of thirty-posts-in-thirty-days. My highest respect to everyone who finds it within themselves to write something meaningful each and every day because it is their job. I'd be willing to try it, but it certainly isn't as easy as it looks. Ultimately, though, I do think I might be blogging more often beyond this experiment of 30-posts-in-30-days than I was before this month. How often? Who can tell. As always, more to come.


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