Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Jack Murphy's Other Day Off

Not much to say; it was a good productive day, I got a lot done. The highlight of the day was my son's follow-up surgical appointment. The orthopedist thought he was doing well. They removed the plaster-cast material off of his hip brace, to allow us to take it off ourselves to give him a proper bath. I have no problem with this, as long as my son doesn't get the idea in his head that he can take the brace off himself. If that happens, the casting material goes back on, simple as that. For a much longer, more detailed account of this morning's appointment, take a quick look at my wife's blog.

Had a couple of interesting quick exchanges with my wife. The first one we talked about the handicapped parking placard that we got on behalf of my son's temporary wheelchair status.

Her: So, have you ever used it without (our son) in the car?
Me: Hell no. That's bad karma.
Her: Me neither.

It's true; once you start using a handicapped spot without having the actual handicapped person in the car, you're just asking for the seagull of karma to take a big ol' crap on your head.

The other exchange came when she was on the front porch, having a smoke. I turned on just the Christmas lights, to show them off. She told me to turn them off. I wanted her to give me her opinion of them, but her objection is that it isn't even Thanksgiving yet. "Besides," she said, "I saw the picture of them on your blog!!" I told her that photo didn't really do them justice.

Tomorrow, back to work for one day (at one of my favorite clients, in Romeoville), then it's off to the Beat Kitchen to see my two most favorite Chicago bands, the Safes and the Differents!! Like I said, look for me; I'll be there with bells on!!!!!


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