Monday, November 23, 2009

Jack Murphy's Day Off

Today and tomorrow, I took a couple of vacation days; we brought my son back to daycare for his first full day since his surgery. He ended up doing wonderfully, but I took off today and tomorrow just in case he couldn't handle it. So today, I had a day off. I listened to the radio, surfed the internet, did a few small things around the house, and decorated the outside of our house for Christmas while listening to my Small Faces hits CD and This Years Model (Elvis's, not Lou's; I've been listening to a lot of Lou's recently, and hope I get to hear it live and in person on Wednesday). Here's what our house looks like; I'm kind of proud of how it looks!!
Either tonight or tomorrow, I'm going to interview Lou Hallwas of the Differents for a Glorious Noise feature. I know that Lou's a close friend, but I hope he doesn't think I have lame questions. That said, I'm not going to ask him really wacky elaborate questions that are designed TO impress him; stuff like that always falls flat. I'll keep you posted.

Final word: if you're not doing anything this Wednesday, the evening before Thanksgiving, you best find yourself at the Beat Kitchen. The Differents' CD release party is happening, along with the Safes, Kim Schaefer, and No Enemy. It will be the concert of the year, mark my words. You will be sorry you missed it. Hell, I'll be sorry if I miss it!!


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