Monday, November 09, 2009

Rock humor

Stevie Ray Vaughan dies and goes up to rock 'n roll heaven. St. Peter shows him around, and introduces him to Jimi Hendrix. Stevie enthuses, "Mr. Hendrix, I've always been a huge fan of yours, it's an honor to meet you." Jimi says, "Hey man, it's cool. Call me Jimi. Let's jam sometime."

Next, St. Peter brings Stevie to Muddy Waters. Again, Stevie is awestruck. "Mr. Morganfield, I think that you made the most wonderful music in the world." Stevie then bows to Muddy, who gently chides him by saying, "Naw, there's no reason for that. We're both bluesmen. Let's jam sometime." Stevie agrees, and can't wait to gettin' to jammin' with all of his heroes. St. Peter looks on from the side, smiles at Stevie's unabashed fandom, then says, "Come on. I have another person you're going to want to meet."

St. Peter tells Stevie, "I'd like to introduce you to Bono." Confused, but raised to be a polite Texan, Stevie shakes the Irishman's hand, saying, "Bono, I've always really liked your music; it's a pleasure to finally meet you." Bono sort of dismisses him and says, "Yeah, it's a pleasure to meet you too."

After they've walked on a bit, Stevie pulls St. Peter aside. "Now something might have happened between the time my helicopter crashed and now, but the last I remember, Bono was still alive."

St. Peter rolled his eyes, and said, "Yes, that's really God. He just likes to pretend he's Bono."


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